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As the first batch of Computer Science major in China, Computer Science and Technology (CST) in UESTC was founded in 1956. The Dept. of Computer Science was established in 1979 and Computer Center and Microcomputer Institute in 1984. After that in 1995, School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was founded by integrated the Dept. of Computer Science, Microcomputer Institute and Computer Center.

The school was authorized to grant a doctorate in first-level discipline of Computer Science and Technology and Cyberspace security, in which the discipline of the Computer Science and Technology is provided with a postdoctoral research station. The first-level discipline of computer science and technology ranked 12 in all Chinese Universities in the discipline evaluation by the state council in 2012, ranked the top 3.53‰ of ESI and ranks 54 in US News in 2017.  

There are Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Computer Software and Theory and Department of Information Security in this school with two national experiment teaching centers, one is the Computer Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center, and the other one is the National Information and Network Security Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center.

The school aims at training creative talents of computer engineering with concepts of computing, system and engineering and abilities to suspect, prove and cooperate with others, aims at cultivating qualified personnel with morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetic all well developed, with reasonable and solid knowledge, good human qualities, initiative spirit , scientific literacy and international competitiveness to meet the requirement of Socialist modernization construction. There are three specialties in undergraduate training: the Computer Science and Technology, the Information Security and Digital Media Technology, and both the Computer Science and Technology and the Information Security are the national special majors. The school currently has nearly 3000 full-time students including nearly 1700 undergraduate students, 171 doctoral students, 1117 masters and 100 international students. The students’ innovation and entrepreneur activities are strongly supported by the school. The employment rate for our students remained above 95%, the number of students recruited by famous companies kept increasing, and the feedback by the employer are positive in a wide sense.

In recent years, the school has received 4 second-level prizes of National Teaching Achievement Award, 4 first-level prizes of Sichuan Provincial Teaching Achievement Award and 3 second-level prizes of Sichuan Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards. In addition, there are 1 National Excellent Video Course, 2 National Sharing Courses, 3 National Excellent Courses, 2 National Bilingual Courses, 6 Ministry of Education (MOE)-IBM Excellent Courses, 1 MOE-Intel Excellent Course, 1 MOE-Microsoft Course, 5 Sichuan Provincial Sharing Courses and 12 Sichuan Provincial Excellent Courses. The staff of the school have published over 60 teaching materials, 9 of which were selected into the National “the Tenth Five-year Plan", 11 of which were selected into the “the Eleventh Five-Year Plan” and 4 of which were among the “the Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. The school has 1 national teaching team and 3 provincial teaching teams.

The research achievement of the school is also outstanding in recent years. “Research and Application of Key Technologies for Digital-Medicine-Oriented Medical Images Processing” and “The Platform and Application of Distributed Computing” won the second-level national award for progress in science and technology in 2011 and 2012 respectively . The school has received more than 100 national projects which were funded by the National Science and Technology Major Project, the National Key Foundation Research and Development Plan (973 program), the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) respectively, has published more than 2000 academic papers, and over 640 papers were retrieved by SCI/EI. More than 50 software copyrights and patents were obtained as well as over 10 national or provincial awards. In recent years, lots of key laboratories have been built in our school. Such as, The National and Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory of a Generation of Internet Data Processing, The Sichuan Key Laboratory of Digital Media Technology and The Sichuan Key Laboratory of Trusted Cloud Computing and Big Data, etc.

The school pays a great attention to the team construction, and makes efforts to attract and cultivate outstanding teachers. There are more than 200 staff members including over 130 full-time teachers and an outstanding teaching team consisting of 1 Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 11 winners of Recruitment Program of Global Experts (including the candidate of Youth Recruitment Program of Global Experts), 1 Yangtze River Scholar, 1 State Class Person of National Talents Engineering of Ministry of Personnel of China,1 National Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professional, 1 Professional of  Excellent Young Scientists Fund, 4 New Century Talent of MOE and 2 Famous Teachers of Sichuan. 90% of the teachers have their PhD degree and 80% have the experience of studying abroad.

The school encourages international academic exchanges.Every year, we invite IEEE Fellows and other well-known foreign experts for academic exchanges and cooperation, and hold high level international conferences. We also send excellent teachers to famous universities aboard for further study and dozens of students to participate in various overseas exchange programs. Since 2010, we have recruited nearly 100 international students from countries and regions all over the world.  


School Leading Group

Yuanshun Dai



Hongyin Lyv

Secretary of

the Party Committee


Guangchun Luo

Associate Dean


Mengshu Hou

Vice Dean


Mingyu Xiao 

Vice Dean


Gang Wang

Deputy Secretary

of the Party Committee


Chun He

Deputy Secretary

of the Party Committee