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The Second International Forum of Young Scholars was Held at UESTC

Author:Catherine Source:International Office Browse Times:10269Date:2015/06/15

  • The Second International Forum of Young Scholars
  • The Second International Forum of Young Scholars
  • The Second International Forum of Young Scholars

The second International Forum of Young Scholars was held at Qingshuihe Campus, UESTC from April 27 to 28. Over 100 outstanding young scholars from 15 countries and areas gathered in UESTC to talk up their vision of innovation and entrepreneurship in the age of “Internet Plus” as well as their ambition of serving their motherland with science and technology.

President Li Yanrong, Vice Chairman of University Council Prof. Wang Yafei, Director of HR Department, Mr. Xu Su attended the forum upon invitation. Professor Zhou Tao, Vice President of Scholars Association of UESTC, also one of the talents under National Support Program for Top Young Talents, took the chair of the forum.

First and foremost, on behalf of UESTC, President Li Yanrong welcomed the invited young scholars and presented the general information of UESTC, including its past, present and future. “UESTC has always been not only a university of clear-cut professional characteristics, but a great school of higher learning equipped with ambition and enterprise. In recent years, UESTC did quite well in various discipline and academic rankings both at home and abroad, whose superiority and characteristic on electronic information became much firmer and distinctive,” said Li.

Then, Li explained the three focal points of the university at present: First, quicken the pace of transition from university of single discipline to university of multi-disciplines. Second, systematically give great impetus to the turn from Electronic Industry to Industrial Electronics. Third, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship under the age of “Internet Plus” to reach the development of young students & teachers and the transition of UESTC's development pattern.

At last, Li pointed out that since China is facing the great strategic opportunity brought by the transformation of economic and social development, with the advantages in electronic information field, UESTChas the potential to lead the competition in the age of “Internet Plus”, i.e., and every department and student in UESTC has the chance to stand out, or even to make a big difference. “Therefore, we must get hold of the development of UESTC in 3-5 years, to lay a solid foundation for making UESTC the best characteristic university in China,” said Li. Furthermore, considering that all the scholars in this forum have excellent academic background, devout patriotic heart and ambition to do innovative and pioneering work, Li hopes that this forum can bring them not only deeper understanding of UESTC, but also the will to regard UESTC as a platform from which to embark on their new phase of career.

On the afternoon of Apr.27, scholars had an in-depth and active group discussions,  offering advice and suggestions for the development of the fields relative to UESTC, the cooperation models with the university in detail. Chairman of the University Council Prof. Wang Zhiqiang, President Li Yanrong, Vice Chairman Prof. Wang Yafei, HR Director Xu Su attended the disucssion sessions. On Apr. 28, each department hosted a total of 18 sub-forums, on which the scholars in the forum and teachers from UESTC had a further exchange about scientific research, talents cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship in theage of “Internet Plus”. The scholars introduced the teachers advanced scientific and technological achievements and analyzed chances and challenges in new age with international vision. After the forum, both the scholars and teachers agreed to take more effective steps to strengthen their exchanges & cooperation and raise their level of scientific research so as to serve for national development strategy.6 scholars at home and abroad reported on the main forum. Zeng Bing, Professor from UESTC, distinguished Expert of “the Thousand Talents Plan”, shared the result of their team work in the field of images and videos in terms of the temporal resolution, spatial resolution and viewing angle range. He shared his own feelings of one-yearlife in UESTC as “wonderful”and concluded that UESTC is a stage on which everybody can play his own drama with passion. Yu Le’an, Professor of BUCT (Beijing University of Chemical Technology) winner of NSFDYS (National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars), also one of the talents under “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, presented 10 technologies impacting the future world development and put the application of big data mining and analysis technology in management decisions as his key point. Yue Yang, Hardware engineer of Juniper Networks Inc., shared his work experience in several elite schools and famous enterprises. He also showed how optical communication and network function can be realized via the reuse of OAM (Orbital Angular Momentum)mode. Zhang Dongxiang, Senior researcher of National University of Singapore, demonstrated his research result from four aspects: ITS (Intelligent Transportation System), Intelligent Retrieval on a large scale, Accurate Advertising and Big Data Feed, and looked forward to the bright prospect of how far the technology of mobile Internetcan go in the construction of smart city. Liu Peiying,instructor of Johns Hopkins Medical School, shared her research experience in the new discipline—Biomedical Engineering.She emphasized on how to use NMR-imaging(Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging) method to do the quantitative determination for human brain so as to have a better understanding to it and do the pathological research. Professor of UESTC Bi Lei, one of the talents under “The Thousand Talents Plan”, argued that the Age of “Big Data”calls for new demands for information systems, which will bringgreat prospect for the application of new materials. He displayed the research result of his team work on silicon integratednon-reciprocal optical materials and devices.


The forum is hosted by both Human Resources and Scholars Association of UESTC. 109 Scholars who attended the forum come from 15 countries and regions, including America, Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and China’s Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Some of them are instructors or assistant professors from such world leading universities as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, University of London, others are researchers from well-known research institutions like ANL (Argonne National Laboratory) and BNL (Brookhaven national laboratory). In addition, 38 domestic young talents are winners of various supporting programs, such as the “Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars”, “NSFDYS”, “Talent under The Thousand Talents Plan”, “Talent under National Support Program for Top Young Talents”, “National Fund for Advanced Youth”, “100 Best Doctorial Dissertations in China”, and so on. Young scholars appreciate that UESTC provides them with the opportunity not only to communicate with world-class experts but alsoto taste the unique academic flavor of UESTC so that they can synchronize with the age of “Internet Plus”.