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The Fifth International Student Culture Festival was held in UESTC

Author:Zhengjian Huangyu Huping Source:ICEO Browse Times:6358Date:2015/09/30

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On September 26th, the University of Electronic Science and technology of China (UESTC) hold the Fifth International Student Culture Festival on Student Activity Center square in Qing shuihe campus. In the fifty-ninth birthday of UESTC approaching, Chinese and international students experience the colorful exotic culture and customs together. This year, national cultural booths have been set up by students form 31 countries including Slovakia, Nepal, Rwanda, and Yemen etc.

With the new student registration, the existing international students’ number is more than 500 who come from 57 countries and regions in the world, and the campus is like a small “United nations". International cooperation and exchange office (School of International Education) held international students culture exhibition every year in the fall season. Students from all over the world enjoy showing their country's cuisine, costumes, arts and crafts, scenic spots and national song and dance show, which has become a beautiful scenery line for celebration of UESTC.

The special passports of "international student culture exhibition" are printed by School of International Education , which are unique, but also similar to the actual passport, aims to give teachers and students real experience of visiting the world. Visitors can receive a passport from China pavilion, can visit the world Pavilion, enjoy the national food, watch the national arts and crafts, and enjoy the unique folk dance with it. The most important is that all the visitors have the chance to win special gifts 0f 59 anniversary by setting together 31 display of the national. At the scene, students to receive "into electrical passport" lined up. 

The activity climax came with the international students’ high singing and upbeat dance. The performances attracted a large number of teachers and students and residents near UESTC stopped to watch and participate in, borderless communication of music and dance make the distance between the domestic and international students more and more closer.

Mushaija from Rwanda is a freshman in the School of Electronic Engineering of UETSC. He said: the ministry of education in our country has signed a cooperation agreement with UESTC, and more and more people in Rwanda can come to study here. Thanks to UESTC for giving us the chance to show our national culture and made it be known by more and more Chinese people.

A Bangladeshi student, Luo Zu who graduated from UESTC with master degree and found a job in Shen Zhen, now go on studying  UESTC for PHD. Mrs. Luo's wife is Chinese, and their baby is about to be born. This is the third time for him to participate in the culture festival, and he hopes that the cultural festival can become a bridge of friendship between China and Bangladesh.

It the second time for Zhang Peng (student from School of Communication and Information Engineering) to participate in the culture festival. He collected the seal of all the countries finally and vote for "the most popular country" to Sri Lanka

In this culture festival, the freshmen from School of Electronic Engineering take charge of communicating with students from Poland. In the lead of monitor Hu Tingyu, the Chinese students help the international students to buy items and to prepare for the culture festival. He said: as a freshman, participating in the culture festival make them to feel strong international atmosphere in UESTC.

In the front of the exhibition of international students in Pakistan, the freshman from the School of physics and Electronics Li Gubin draws the flag of Pakistan to express the wishes of friendly exchanges between the two countries. He said: holding the international student culture festival is a good opportunity to promote the exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures, and is conducive to our understanding of the culture of other countries.