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Degree Defense Arrangement in 2016

Author:研管科 Source:研管科 Browse Times:785Date:2016/01/15

Grade 2014 International Students of Master Candidates’s Degree Defense Arrangement 

(一)The basic requirements for the master's degree thesis/research report  defense qualification

1.completed the course work of no less than a total of 24 credits (out of which at least 15 credits are to be acquired from degree courses),

2.completed the thesis (or a research report) independently,

3.The degree thesis or research report should be of theoretical or practical values to some extent, which indicates the author has a grasp of the fundamental theories and specialized knowledge in his/her discipline and is capable of further scientific researches and empowered with the ability to apply his/her theories and knowledge  comprehensively into practical problems.

4.The research report should be of   investigations on certain topics, engineering designs or case studies.

5.his/her submission of a qualified proposal on his/her thesis (or research report).

6.The thesis (or research report) can be written in either Chinese or English. The abstracts (about 800 words long) should be written in both languages. For detailed requirements, please refer to Format of Graduation Thesis for Master Degree.

7.As for problems regarding the degree thesis defense, from its application, evaluation and holding to the final award of the degree, all shall refer to UESTC  Regulations for Postgraduate Degree Awarding.

(二)Timetable for Int’l Students Graduatesthere may be adjusted ,please refer to the latest notice form school’s website:htttp://        







Submit Defense Application

March 10-11

2 Days


Submit “ the application for thesis defense”form,and get back “International Students Registration Form for Master Degree of UESTC (I) and (II)” from school.


Submit Defense Materials and Paper Thesis

April  14-15

2 Days


Submit :
1.   Two copies of  informal stapled thesis  or research report,but must comply with the format specification and also required supervisor’s signature on the cover.
2.   “International Students Registration Form for Master Degree of UESTC (I) and (II)”
3. "Degree Information"(template see Annex 5)


Thesis Review

April 20-May 6

3 Weeks


thesis evaluation (students should concern about school website and  QQ group to get the thesis evaluation result)


Submit paper thesis

May 13

1 Days


submit 5 copies of thesis or research report  modified  according to  expert advice.(also not need to formal stapled but must comply with the format specification)


Thesis Defense

May  21-22

2 Days

not be determined

1.      The specific time will be determined three days in advance , and students should concern about school website and QQ group.

2.      Using PPT to introduce main content of thesis or research report for no more than 15 to 20 minutes

3.      Answer expert's question about thesis content.


Submit final  thesis or research report

May 28



Submit 2 copies of finial thesis or research report (must be stapled formally and also required Applicant and Supervisor’s signature on the corresponding position.)



College degree branch committee meeting


The specific date could not be determined     concern about the latest notice.

College degree branch committee review degree matters



The school degree branch committee meeting

June 20-24

The school degree branch committee review degree matters



Diploma Awarding Ceremony by school

June 25-30




Diploma Awarding Ceremony by UESTC




Gradate things

Group Photo Taking ,Graduate procedures ,Graduation Party



Diploma getting

July 1-3




Checking Out From Dorm

 July 6-7



(三)           Guidance for filling form “International Students Registration Form for Master Degree of UESTC (I) and (II)”

姓名Name:Same as passport

所属学院School:School of Computer Science & Engineering

申请学位学科专业Major:Computer Science and Technology


申请时间Master Degree Application Date:2016.4.14


                                                                                       School of Computer Science & Engineering                                                                      Jan. 15 , 2016        


Attachments: Degree Defense material .zip

Annex 1:Application for Thesis Defense (Version 2016)

Annex 2:Riting Format of Postgraduate Dissertation(Including Research Report)

Annex 3: Thesis (Report)  cover and english title page instructions

Annex 4:Degree Information