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The Winner of Turing Award, is going to attend The International Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop

Author:zhanwenhan Source:zhanwenhan Browse Times:6938Date:2016/11/22

Professor John E. Hopcroft ,the winner of Turing Award, is going to attend The International Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop.(FAW)

Algorithm and computer theory have always boasted research hotspots in computer science. With the advancement of research, the issue that how research results are better applied in actual engineering project has increasingly obtained common concern.The International Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop initiated in 2007, is one of the critical international conferences concerning algorithm and computer theory, which has been successfully held for 10 years in a roll.

Since its birth,it has gained broad support and attention from multiple masters in theoretical computer science from abroad and home. In a spirit of promoting cutting-edge computer algorithmic application in pattern recognition, biocomputer and so on, this convene attached great importance on complexity, computational biology, computation geometry, parametric computer.

School of Computer Science and Engineering of UEST will host FAW in 2017, during which Pro.Xiao Minhong from our school and Pro.Frances A.Rosamond, University of Bergen,Norway will co-chair Program Committee of this session.Professor John E. Hopcroft, at the special invitation of Pro.Xiao, will attend this conference and make face-to-face contact with students.

FAW 2017 will definitely serve as a sound learning and exchange platform for international theoretical algorithm researchers,and cooperation discussions on related projects.Through such seminars, domestic teaching on theoretical algorithm, research and science ,and international exchanges will be significantly better improved, meanwhile it will lay solid foundation for further coordination.

Professor John E. Hopcroft, noted as great master of computer algorithm, educator, academician of NAE,AAS, is now working at Cornell University.After getting his Doctoral degree from Stanford in 1986, he worked at such well-known institutes as Princeton University, Cornell University, Stanford University. He was granted Turing Award for his outstanding achievements in algorithm and data design. In 2016,he was awarded “Friendship Award ” by Chinese government for his remarkable contribution to computer discipline construction in China’s higher education, which is the paramount honor set up for the foreign experts who made outstanding contributions in Chinese modernization drive.