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Outstanding achievements made in Natural Science and Foundation of China(NSFC)

Author:zhanwenhan Source:zhanwenhan Browse Times:3292Date:2016/10/18

NSFC has concluded a new round of projects evaluation work with our school gaining 16 funding projects, reaching 8.017 million RMB. In the last five years, 84 funding projects have been acquired by our school.

Great importance has been attached on declaration of this foundation by our school, thus declaration quality has been significantly improved via such methods as service strengthening of organization and management, application letter writing training, specialists pre-assessment and so on. Our school has conducted 42 applications, with 38% founding rate, which is the highest in the past few years.

More exciting one is that “Mega-media contents analysis and retrieval under mobile interaction”, in the charge of Pro.Shen hengtao, regained key project founding. Meanwhile “Service platform research and development and application for health management of seniors on Heath Cloud ” by Pro. Bo yan-leading team, has firstly gained “major project in international(regional) regions”

Our school will continue to pay much more attention to development of youth teachers, and work more on those fields including process management, refining daily service, and improving results quality, at the same time to provide support and foundation for R&D.