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Students from our school Won Gold Medal of Practice Challenge in ‘Entrepreneurship Competition’

Author:zhanwenhan Source:zhanwenhan Browse Times:9680Date:2016/10/31

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China College Student ‘Entrepreneurship Competition drew to a successful conclusion in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Qingshuihe campus) in the afternoon of November 19, 2016. The 6 teams selected by our school delivered wonderful performance winning UESTC the top prize of "Youth" National University Entrepreneurship Competition "Champions Cup", 2016. And these teams were respectively awarded three Gold Prizes for Entrepreneurial Plan Competition, two Gold Medals for Entrepreneurial Practice Challenge and one Gold Medal for Commonweal Venture Race.

Doctoral student Wang Jun of our school also the founder of Chengdu Zhishu Science &Technology Co., Ltd won gold medal of Practice Challenge by Hefu Holding(Group) Co., Ltd.

Established in June 2014, Chengdu Zhishu Science &Technology Co., Ltd focuses on financial industry through big data, namely providing financial industry with risk control, marketing-related data, technology and solutions by the use of Internet cross-domain associated data. At present, the company is a leading data service provider in the field of online consumption finance. Up till now, 2 patents and 9 software copyrights have been declared by this promising company and nearly 5 million yuan turnover have been made. This year the turnover is expected to reached 10 million yuan.

Introduction to Awarding-winning Team:

To promote the spirit of the times and grasp the pulse of the times, our institute upholds the purpose to equip students the faculty of creative consciousness and thinking, to improve their creativity and to cultivate talents with entrepreneurship. We also encourage students to closely integrate their knowledge with socio-economic development. By means of contests, students not only gain more than keener sense and stronger capacity of innovation, creation and entrepreneurship, but also facilitate greater strength to make huger contribution to the state and social development.

In the duration of 2013-2015, the number of students who took part in provincial level above the contests is 888. Of that, 314 returned with flying color; 260 even gained awards in state level; and 35 won international contests.

In 2016, students perform even better in various competition of different levels. They stand out among thousands of competitors and win great triumphs.

On November 13, when the 41th ACM-ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) Asia Beijing Regional Contest, fell down the curtain in Peking University, the team led by Hezhu and Lin Weibo credited as triumphant gold metal Champion of Asia Region after 5 hours hard fight. At the same time, they got ticket for World Finals held in Rapid City South Dakota 2017.

In the sub-division Asian preliminaries, our students obtained applausively marvelous good results. They in total bagged 2 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze metals.

ACM-ICPC (International Association of Computing Machinery-International Collegiate Programming Contest) is the largest and most prestigious international university student program design competition in the international computer field, which has a long history and has been recognized by the whole world. Up till now, 40 sessions have been successfully held. The Beijing Regional Contest attracted 141 colleges and universities from all over the country, a total of 196 teams.

RoboMasters2016( National Finals of National College Students Robotics) kicked off in the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Chunjian Stadium from August 25 to 28. One Point Five S mainly led by Wangyue from our institute on behalf of UESTC successfully brought down the house with outstanding performance and flexible tactics. For that, they accomplished defending national champion.

RoboMasters2016(National Robotics Contest) is a national science and technology competition platform where unique robot competition launch intensively, specially for young engineers. This year, the contest attracted 228 teams from more than 160 universities around the world, a total of 7,000 young engineers to register the game.

In the 9th National College Student Information Security Contest which came to the end in the middle of August in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, UESTC was conferred with Outstanding Organization Award. All 8 teams won credits, among which one got first prize, three got the second prize and four got the third prize. It’s worthy of great mention that 8 participants from our institute awarded the second prize and 4 of them awarded the third prize.

Nearly 951 teams from 260 colleges and universities nationwide, a total of 5,000 students registered the 9th National College Student Information Security Contest. After the initial evaluation of network experts, 162 works from 58 universities ultimately were entitled to have qualification for the Finals. In Innovation& Practice Competition, which is divided into online preliminary and offline finals, 16 teams from 16 schools stood out from fierce competition among 135 colleges and universities a total of 215 teams and fished into the Finals.

UESTC won the championship and was the only one awarded university special award in the First Group Programming Ladder Tournament(The First China College Computer Contest) on July 16th. The Contest is designed to go on simultaneously in 11 venues including Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi’an and Qiangdao.

In this contest, students from our institute harvested “The First Prize for Team”, “Vanguard Ladder team” whose team is made by Hewang, Lin Weibo and Wan Diwen and Cong Qianhao. Another team made by Pan Xinglin and Zhang Guanlan harvested “The Second Prize for Team”. Hezhu and Lin Weibo were specially awarded with the highest individual prize--“Summit Vanguard”.

First Group Programming Ladder Tournament(The First China College Computer Contest) is sponsored by Ministry of education of Computer Science Teaching Guidance Committee, Ministry of Education Software Engineering Teaching Guidance Committee, Ministry of Education Colleges and Universities University Computer Teaching Guidance Committee and National Higher School Computer Education Research Association, held by Zhejiang University. The ladder finals has been strongly supported by NetEase Comb and Microsoft Asia Research Institute. 

From January 28th to February 1st, American College Students' Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest (MCM / ICM), 2016, attracted 12,446 teams from well-established colleges and universities all over the world. Our students in this competition won 4 M Award and 4 H Award.

MCM/ICM i.e. Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling, is a world prestigious international competition for college students. MCM was first built in 1985 while ICM was in 2000 by Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application(COMAP). The MCM/ICM have won broad sponsorships from organizations, for instance, SIAM、NSA、INFORMS.

MCM / ICM aims at strengthening students' ability to solve practical problems through mathematical thinking and methods. It also attaches great importance to research issues, originality of solutions, teamwork, communication and rationality of results.