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Joint Efforts Make Glory - Interview on Duan Lixin, member of “Hundred Talents”

Author:zhanwenhan Source:zhanwenhan Browse Times:7297Date:2016/11/24

  • Duan Lixin

With the advent of the big data era, the computer industry encounters both new opportunities and challenges, thus School of Computer Science and Engineering proactively introduces high-quality talents, to further promote its development. In September, 2015, professor Duan Lixin officially became a distinguished professor, and is included into “One Hundred Talents” To enhance mutual understanding, he was invited to make an online interview.

Interest in Computer

In 2004, having admitted to Dept. of Electronic Engineering and Information Sciences, USTC, Duan developed an interest in computer image processing technology, and started to learn computer vision. After graduation in 2008, he further studied in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore for a PhD degree in computer engineering. After obtaining a doctor degree, he worked in such institutes as NTU, Germany's SAP ( headquarters in Singapore), Singapore, Technology and Research Institute of Information Communication and Amazon headquarters etc, during which he also has been concentrated on the scientific research, and successively published more than 30 papers,20 periodicals in well-known international conferences and journal articles including CVPR, ICML, ICCV, ECCV, MICCAI, T - PAMI, T - IP, T - NNLS, over 1500 times Google Scholar quoting.

Focus on research while caring little about wealth

After working abroad a few years, he decided to return to college, his beloved one. Just as he said “Doing scientific research is much more interesting than working in industry”. He has always paid little attention to honors he had received. No matter he was awarded Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award, or Best Student Paper Award by CVPR(CCF A),or Outstanding Reviewer Award by CVPR, he always said, modestly, “Just because I am luck. Everything should be owed to teachers.”

Looking ahead together

His major research direction, for example the migration learning, depth and multi-core learning algorithm research, as well as application in image classification and retrieval, video event identification, eye image analysis, are highly similar to researches and further enrich the discipline construction of our school. As a new member of our school, he has been fully prepared, and is full of expectation and confidence on work.

As a new distinguished professor, Duan has numerous ideas on education and research development. First of all, he thinks that twin emphasis should be put and research and education, for teaching and scientific research is a process of mutual promotion. Teaching, in addition to traditional knowledge and system, should also be more integrated into the advanced scientific related contents. In this way, students can better understand the discipline in the field of science, and research team, at the same time, also can absorb more students interested in such field and provides more paths for its development.

At the same time, in response to the Construction of Double First-Class Professional Trend, he thinks the school should be more international, and school characteristic should be more integrated with strategic planning of our country, and major social development demand. In the future, computer technology will permeate all aspects life, and turn many traditional areas, such as intelligent warehouse management, driverless cars, etc. around. He thinks as long as college do more thinking and layout in advance for these areas, we can provide more high quality talent, and make contribution to national economic sustainable and healthy development.

With rich talents, our school embraces one academician of CAS, five included into “One Thousand Talents”, one Yangtze River Scholar Professor, and many professors in national level strategies. His coming will strengthen our teaching staff, and makes us more powerful. As he said, he wants to see that our school can continuously introduce talents, promote international academic exchanges, make school more internationalization, and bring more forefront of knowledge in the field of computer in the world, and benefits to teachers and students.